Flower Crown DIY Tutorial – Under €5

Flower Crown DIY

Flower Crown Love

I love all things Flower Crowns and Hippie Boho chic! So I decided that I would make my own flower crown for for my first trip to Electric Picnic. As always with DIY projects it gives you an opportunity to put your own unique twist on a popular trend. So I knew I wanted to have a mix of two different types of flowers, one to be orchids.

Under €5

I was looking around online for what kind of flowers I could get. I was trying to save all my money for the Electric Picnic weekend it self, so I didn’t want to be shelling out too much for the flowers. So when I was in town one day I popped in Guineys to see what their flower selection had to offer. I found these gorgeous pink over-sized orchids and baby’s breath type flowers that would compliment the orchids beautifully! The flowers were only €1.70 each so they fit my budget perfectly! The hairband, cables ties and masking tape I used along with the flowers, were lying around at home already, so the whole flower crown cost me a mere €3.40!

What you need

  • Flowers of your choice
  • Hairband
  • Cable ties
  • Masking Tape

Flower Crown DIYFlower Crown DIYFlower Crown DIY

  1. Cut your flowers so there is about 5cm of stalk to work with

Flower Crown DIY

2. Place the flowers around the hairband, where you would like them to sit

Flower Crown DIY

3. Use the masking tape to secure the flowers in place.

Flower Crown DIY

4. Tie the cable ties around the masking tape once you are happy with the flower’s placement

Flower Crown DIYFlower Crown DIYFlower Crown DIY

5. Cut off the excess of the cable ties

Flower Crown DIY

Now you have a beautiful unique flower crown in no time! It is by no means a professional standard headband but once you have the flower crown on you see no sign of the masking tape and cable ties. Also, most importantly it survived the weekend of Electric Picnic and I’m sure it would survive another one!

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flower crown DIY

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