New York is Hard & What that Actually Means

New York is Hard

New York is Hard

I feel like I’ve heard this so many times but I didn’t really know what it meant until I moved here. Everyones experience of New York is so different, so nobodies highs & lows look the same. This makes it hard to know what’s coming for you when you move here but this is what it has meant for me (so far!):

Going crazy and paranoid with every passing day of unemployment.

Taking just over three months to find that all important job.

Not being excited about the prospect of this job.

Actually ending up really liking the work I am doing.

Being told I am going to be taken on full-time after 2 months of interning.

Being told that my Visa papers are just about to be signed off, any day now.

The Visa papers never get signed and I get fired.

I try and stay positive.

My Visa company give me a week to find another job or my Visa will end and I will have to leave the country.

I swiftly have a week-long panic attack, what the hell am I going to do now?

Just as swiftly I am hired by a better company.

I sigh a huge sigh of relief.

And all is well in the world again.

Until next time…

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New York is Hard New York is Hard New York is Hard New York is Hard New York is Hard New York is Hard New York is Hard

Jacket: Urban Jungle, Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange, Shirt & Jeans: H&M, Runners & Earrings: Penneys

New York is Hard New York is Hard

Photos by Celine Slevin

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