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Being an intern for my last 6 months in Ireland and saving for my move to New York from the minute I was finished college, hardly lended itself to affording my own groceries not to mind going on a shopping spree! I think this lead to me not connecting with the countless “Haul” type videos and blogposts out there, even by people who I really like and follow religiously. I have just not been in a place where those types of posts benefit me in any way. They are obviously great for you if you want to add to your wardrobe or make-up collection and you want to get advice from your favourite style icons or social media personalities. But for me, if I managed to buy a new thing here and there I was lucky. But I knew I was putting my goal of moving to New York first. It’s┬áthe biggest goal I’ve ever had so putting that first was a no-brainer.

Happy in H&M

Moving to New York for me, meant cutting down my wardrobe anyway, to fit it in one suitcase. Landing in New York with no home or no job means finding those things are your number one priority, putting style and lovely new clothes to the back of your mind even more. Money dwindled quickly and the job hunt was really difficult. But after all the ups and downs when I finally got a full time job I knew was due a bit of a shopping spree. I don’t even get paid very much by New York standards, but it seems like a lot of money to me right now, after really scraping by for a while. I was delighted with myself going around my favourite High Street shop H&M picking up loads of bits and not even looking at the price tags. I absolutely love doing that and I realised I hadn’t done a shopping trip like that for almost two years! Now you can’t go too far wrong in H&M price wise anyway, which is one of the reasons I love it so much, but I am conditioned to always look for the best bargain possible.

Shopping Spree

I really love the bits that I picked up and I know I will wear them to death, like I do anything I love. I just wanted to share a few of the pieces here as they may be something you are interested in, but also for another reason. During the time I was earning very little and saving a lot and wasn’t going shopping, was the time I started this blog. It gave me a reason to look at the clothes and style I already had and appreciate it. I knew I had something worth sharing even if it happened to be an outfit made up of a 3 year old skirt from Forever 21 and 2 year old Penneys top. Because it still looked great. And that is what I look for when I do go shopping. I want to find things I can love for a long time. Anything in life I love, I love the hell out of it. And if that means not many of my outfit posts have a link to where you can buy it now, than so be it. Everybody goes through ups and downs money wise and peoples priorities change. We have enough to worry about in life than figuring out when we can manage another shopping trip. If you have style, you’ll always have style no matter what and I find it much more impressive to see someone working with what they already have and that is what I try and do. Even these pieces I bought, I can see them working with so much of what I already have.

Maybe one day I won’t have to stick to my bargain hunting/capsule wardrobe ways and a shopping spree won’t be such an ordeal/achievement for me but if I can barely go shopping and enjoy putting together a style blog than I think I’m doing ok.

Thanks for reading xxx

Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree Shopping SpreeShopping Spree

Shopping Spree Shopping Spree

Open Shoulder Dress

Shopping Spree Shopping Spree

Mesh Ruffled Top

Shopping Spree Shopping Spree Shopping Spree

I also picked up some new runners online

Shopping Spree

Photos taken on my Nikon D3300 with 50mm f1.8 lens

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