Skincare That Works for Me – My Sephora Experience

Skincare that works for me

Tackling the Fear of Sephora

I know nothing about skincare and not a lot about make up either so for me, a place like Sephora is an exciting/terrifying treasure trove that I have no idea how to navigate. The first Sales Assistant I came across was not my cup of tea at all. She told me the only option for me was to spend over $100 on one particular product otherwise I was wasting my time! Way to make your customer feel welcome! Really? There nothing else in the whole shop that would help me? I get that you can invest in expensive things that will benefit you, but surely there are products that can cater to all types of budgets. Another assistant came to the rescue and I straight away felt way more comfortable with her. I knew that she wasn’t just trying to get money out of me and she actually listened to what I wanted. The first lady wasn’t too impressed that I didn’t take her advice and that she had a customer stolen from under her nose. I get confused enough in Sephora, I don’t need someone who is just going to push products that clearly aren’t for me. The second assistant and I settled on these products after she tried them out on me and explained their benefits.

Skincare that works for me

Belif Moisturizing Bomb, $22

The Good

Moisturising Bomb indeed! This is such a lovely moisturiser. It feels nice and light and a little goes a long way. It does exactly what I want it to and keeps my skin feeling fresh all day. I don’t know about it providing 26 hours of moisture but it certainly lasts all day. My skin has been so much dryer since moving to New York and this has helped my face feel normal again.

The Not So Good

I usually go for a moisturiser with SPF so I have protection from the sun everyday, so this is a drawback with product is that it doesn’t provide that for me. Also it does seem to leave my face quite shiny, even though it does soak into the skin nicely. So if thats something that would bother you maybe its not for you. Also, I went for the small which is only 25ml which is really small! But what you do get is really good so that’s the only way I can justify paying so much for something that only lasts about a month.

Skincare that works for me Skincare that works for me Skincare that works for me

Supergoop Make up Primer, $28

The Good

Since I want to start making an effort to invest in better make-up I thought it would be a good idea to start looking into good make-up primers. I was looking for something to help give me that flawless finish and that would make my make-up last longer. When doing research MAC and Smashbox were names I kept coming across that had great reviews. But when I went into Sephora the girl who was helping me suggested this Supergoop one. It seemed tick all the boxes and had something I hadn’t even thought of, SPF 50! I am very pale and sensitive to the sun so SPF is really important for me. It’s important for everyone really and it drives me mad to see people not protecting themselves in the sun! Since my moisturiser didn’t have any SPF I thought this would be a great way to get it into my skincare routine. It is also can be sprayed on over make-up which is really convenient if you are out and about all day. I have also noticed my make-up lasting much longer and going on nicely, so it does exactly what it says on the tin. It has a lovely refreshing rose and mint fragrance and I can see it being very hydrating on hot, sweaty New York summer days.

The Not So Good

Remember to keep your eyes closed tightly when spraying this! I keep my eyes closed for another few seconds after spraying it and pat it into my skin, this helps me avoid getting the product in my eyes because it will sting! The scent might not be for everyone it pretty much just smells like toothpaste since it has mint in it, but I enjoy the refreshing quality this brings.

Skincare that works for me Skincare that works for me Skincare that works for me

May Coop Raw Sauce, $14

The Good

I apply a few drops of this serum to my face after I cleanse and before I moisturise. This product is formulated to give your skin a moisture boost and increases the effectiveness of products applied after it as penetrates the skin really deeply. I really like this product and it has made a really big difference to the dry areas of my face. The worst dry area I had is between my eyebrows. Whatever I did, the moisture would never seem to hold there and make-up would never sit right and just flake right off.  My face is much smoother and healthier overall and my eyebrow problems has drastically improved. I can definitely see myself buying this product again. It has a fresh scent and combines really well with the Belif moisturiser. I can see why people rave about Korean skincare and I definitely want to try more.

The Not so Good

I don’t think I can fault this product! I really love it and I can feel it soaking into my skin when I apply it. The only thing I can think of is that I probably use a bit too much of it because I can’t get enough of it! That said it is lasting pretty well.

Skincare Overview

I went for the smaller versions of the moisturiser and the serum this time around just to see if the were for me, without breaking the bank. If my budget allows, I can see myself going for the bigger versions when these run out. I feel like I have found a great combination of products that are working well for me and hopefully they continue to.

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